Monday, June 6, 2011


Before I start right in, I should probably fill you in on more ,so your not left in the dark.

In Dec '09  I posted a comment on that one of its members, who received large sums of money from the prop community as donations, should start paying some of it back as he had a sudden windfall of money from helmet sales. I also stated that I didn't think it was right that while he was collecting the money, he was spending away on eBay. Not just nickle and dime stuff here either, Purchased were made for computer parts, truck accessories, IPads, Mac Books, etc...

So a flame war ensues,  I get banned for a week to "think about what I may have done". ????? What I may have done!!! Oh well. So this intrigues me to investigate further, I mean why is the blame being put on me. During my ban I start collection information on the charity organization that was used to funnel the money. Low and behold it is an open .org- So, I purchase it.(more about that later). All of the posts pertaining to the donations are gone and the community is none the wiser. Most of the people are relatively new to the scene, less than a year so they would have no knowledge of the goings on. However, I have been active over there since  2005. And anyone with a join date older that 2007 seamed to agree with the "pay it back" idea. I mean we all came together when he needed it. Maybe, he should have returned the favor.

I return from my ban to find an in-box full of hate mail. Now normally I would just dismiss this as "par for the course" but these are some hateful things, Few were even directed at me, most were at my children and wife. Wow, How did they get involved. So jokingly I say to my wife, what did you do to P!ss these people off and show her the messages.

She helps me to realize that these people are nuts and the things they are saying don't just pop up in normal peoples heads. and that I should stay clear of this individual and his entourage. I agree.

So flash forward to Friday ,June 3. I am reading a post about a recasted helmet and the community belives it to be one of this individuals helmets that was copied. I read a bit, finally posting, "What's the difference if someone recasted his or the company he recasted from. Same=Same"

Well big mistake, Out of the woodwork comes the mob, led by the leader of the pack.

Stating I am a "deplorable person", "The lowest form on the planet".  I retort with, kind, but stern words to the community, and state that the individual who is making the defamatory remarks has stolen from the community in large sums, on several different occasions. I also state that I have contacted the authorities about his misuse of funds from the charity and failure to pay taxes on them.

Well, To say the least, I am banned for "Life". Oh, well I say! Do I want to be affiliated with people that will cover up and defend a conspiracy. NOPE!!!

So we leave for the weekend to enjoy our summer home! I check my email, and there is a slurry of hate mail again mostly sent to my wife and children. Why are these people so hateful to my children? I guess its the same mentality as terrorism, pick on the weak and unsuspecting to intimidate the strong and prepared.

This gets me to thinking about my families safety a bit. My wife is a pretty handy person and can handle herself if called upon. But  if something were to happen to my children, would not want to be the individuals perpetrating the crime.

I begin Locking my web pages down and come across hits from the leaders home town, followed by hits from all over the country. Now, here's the thing. I get 2-3 hits a day if the sun is shining, and the government is running well. Sat and Sun I get 40-50 hits a day. HMMM!!!! I wonder what could have caused this mad rush to see my children in Star Wars costumes. Could it be the charitable donation I made to another member. Yep, that's it. 4 hits from there. The rest are coming from trollers, trying to figure out who I am and what I'm about. Again, big deal. I have unlimited band width and a lot of space. I get to pondering the great question. WHY?

Is it to collect information about me. I have none posted, but am a very public person. I will not hide behind a false name. I  openly post my name,age and location. People that receive PM,Emails or posts from me get a signature that has my full name, at least the first time. I send and receive payments using a paypal account from my personal email account, with my full name. Not a handle. So I conclude that what ever the reasons are. They are not to help me promote safety and well being in my household. I Mean there were not tips on how to keep my youngest from sticking keys it wall outlets, if you catch my drift.

So as a concerned parent. I send an email to the leader. As follows.
"I would appreciate it you would keep away from my site and the pictures of my children, On June 4 at 1:49:22 PM you had a 44 Min 27 Sec jaunt through my pages. There is nothing for you to see here as you have no children, and I can only speculate why you would be spending that much time on pages with my children on it. I have your IP address and will report this to the Child Protection Agency if it continues.

Thank you for your time  and consider this matter closed unless further aggravated."

Nope, That didn't do it. get a reply in a very weird fashion. I guess typical of someone doing something shady. Warning me about "unsolicited threats" and  that he has 3 specific instances of me harassing him and that he will be contacting an attorney and the police. That kinda makes me chuckle, why do people think that you can steal from others, not pay taxes, threaten children, and when called on it to stop. THEY WERE WRONGED IN SOME WAY!

I would welcome the call from the local police dept as it would allow me to turn all the collected evidence over to them and then they can deal with it and it's no longer my burden.  However, I also contacted my attorney last night at home. Boy was he happy to hear from in the middle of a Sunday evening. No senseless chatting going on. I don't think I even got out "how's the family?" before he states"What can I do for you in the middle of the night". After explaining to him the situation, The tone of the conversation changed from "put out" to"Very Concerned". I mean this guy and his partners came to my wedding for darn sake. They know my children and have come to christening and birthday parties. I was told again by people in the know, that I should not take these things lightly, and that my families safety is in fact in jeopardy and that peoples lives have been ruined by things like this, people like this are unpredictable at best.

I guess that's where we are at. It is a more in depth story than this, however I am new to this blogging thing and haven't figured out how to attach pics and screen shots. So you will have to bare with me for the moment until I get better accoladed with this form of communications.

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